Empowering Women ~ Breaking Cycles ~ Restoring Hope


Our Vision:

To provide women with a safe village full of unconditional support, comprehensive healing and resourceful tools... A safe place where there are no disparities in the equality of human rights.

Our Mission:

Giving Others Dreams (GOD), a non-profit organization that provides re-entry services and holistic support programming to newly released justice impacted women.  

A safe supportive space that promotes healing and the empowerment of women, which involves developing a goal oriented, self -decision reintegration plan. We provide direct referrals to career services and other much needed resources, which adds to our mission of  reducing gender based violence and the recidivism rate for women.

 Re-entry has many moving pieces. We have to address various issues such as mental health, emotional and social needs, substance abuse issues, unhealed trauma, relationship reunification, and prison PTSD etc. The list can go on and on.